Student Avery Joyner playing violin
Olivia Cleveland piano student performing at May 2014 recital
Studio 237 Music School, is dedicated to helping students discover, develop and demonstrate music in Santa Rosa Beach and the surrounding areas by providing private and group music lessons. Beginners through advanced students are invited. Our primary focus is the support of the student. 

Guitar or Ukulele lesson at Studio 237 School of Music, travel from Panama city, Destin or even Freeport to Santa Rosa Beach
Now is your time to beat the rush for September.  BEGIN and RESERVE YOUR LESSON TIME and DAY with particular teachers in anticipation of your return to 
                 school.  Call us between 9am - 7pm 

Student Maston Joyner playing drums

THE "MUSIC MAKERS" ARE HERE IN SANTA ROSA BEACH!  Read the EC Magazine article about Studio 237 and other studios.

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RECITALS ON Sat. MAY 17, 2014 
Just finished two fantastic recitals with 54 students performing 62 pieces on piano, voice, guitar, drums, violin and clarinet!  Amazing! Click below to watch:

Studio 237 is open year round :  Monday - Friday 9:00 am to 7:00 pm by appointment. 
Call:  Ray or Lisa Cyr 850-231-3199

Students must own or rent the instrument of their study prior to starting lessons.    

Where to obtain an instrument:
1.  Ask your teacher to recommend a beginner's instrument within your budget.
2.  Visit a music store such as Playground Music or Leitz Music (Fort Walton Beach or Panama City Beach), there you can learn about, purchase or rent an instrument.  Yes, you can even rent a piano.  
3.  On the Internet:  You may check around on line and compare cost.  Often times, it is better to purchase from a local store.  
4.  Used on Craig's list. Ask your teacher, a musical friend, or the studio for advice.  When using Craig's list, you should check the internet to confirm that the seller is giving you a good price.  Sometimes a good deal is not so good. Conventional pianos are often given away for a mere $100 and moving a piano can cost $200.  Old antique pianos (pre1900-1940) are just that, old and not worth moving or repairing.  
5.  School.  The school system, at times, has instruments available for rent or lending to students such as trumpet, clarinet, flute, guitar etc...This might also mean that the student may have to join "the school band" which is a great venue to apply learning, develop musical relationships, experiences, and memories.  
6.  Check out our Music Resources Page for recommended instruments.  

"Learning to play a musical instrument is a life changing experience in one's life.  Music will opens doors of opportunity for growth and personal enrichment.  I can not imagine my life without private music lesson instructions, and the mentorship that I received from a variety of music teachers during my youth.  The study of music enables one to excel in other areas of study including writing, accounting, engineering, medicine, art, communications, business and personal relations.  It develops self regulation, confidence and happiness."  written by
Lisa Cyr:  Piano Teacher and Founder of Studio 237 School of Music.

We are often asked, "What is the earliest age that the studio accepts students?".
Each of our teachers has certain age limits for beginner students.  However, the teachers all agree that age 4 is too young for the average student  to begin lessons.  At age 5, a child will need to be evaluated by the accepting teacher to assess if they  will be physically capable and mature enough to study.  Some instruments have physical aspects that can limit a child's ability to begin lessons.  

A Guitar is one of the most versatile instruments to learn and play.  You may carry a guitar just about anywhere. Playing a guitar remains with you forever.  Since a guitar is either an acoustic or electric instrument, it may cover a wide range of styles of music, and provides room for the growth and design of your own performance style.  You may enjoy playing guitar by yourself or with a group. Give us a call at 850 231-3199.  We have some great guitar teachers.


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