Studio 237 Music School is dedicated to helping students discover, develop and demonstrate music in Walton County Florida and the surrounding communities.  We teach all ages private or group music lessons from beginners to advanced students. Our primary focus is the support of the student willing to learn. We have quality teachers who educate to enable the student to perform,with proper technic and expression on their instrument.

The studio sponsors two recitals yearly.  view the Winter 2015 recital Recital Video Page.

Call 850-231-3199 to reserve your time 
(Mon - Fri 9am -7pm)

We Teach:


CLARINET          FRENCH HORN        TRUMPET      

CELLO        VIOLIN      VIOLA     BASS             UKULELE   

BANJO       GUITAR      Hammered Dulicmer   MANDOLIN

To View our most recent May and Winter Recitals 2015, click on the below photos:
10:00 AM Recital                        1:00 PM Recital
10 AM Recital May 30, 2015                                                     


"Learning to play a musical instrument is a life changing experience in one's life.  Music will opens doors of opportunity for growth and personal enrichment.  I can not imagine my life without private music lesson instructions, and the mentorship that I received from a variety of music teachers during my youth.  The study of music enables one to excel in other areas of study including writing, accounting, engineering, medicine, art, communications, business and personal relations.  It develops self regulation, confidence and happiness."  written by
Lisa Cyr:  Piano Teacher and Founder of Studio 237 School of Music.


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